Now Playing: Long Walk To Forever


Executive Producer

Starring: Amelia Mathews & Brendan Ryan

Directed by: Jessica Hester

Produced by: Adam Bradley, Jessica Hester, Caitlin Engel

Long Walk to Forever is based on the famous author Kurt Vonnegut's story of the same name. As a junior Anthropologist myself, it was especially meaningful to be able to share an association with someone who the discipline claims as one of their own.

Catharine and Newt, are childhood friends who’ve grown up together in a small town. When Newt goes off to war, Catharine gets engaged to someone. A week before the wedding, Newt goes AWOL and comes to Catharine’s house to convince her to come for a walk with him.

This is easily the most beautiful piece I've had the pleasure of being a part of. A world of congratulations to the achievement of Jessica Hester, Adam Bradley and the crew with this piece. I can’t thank them enough for the opportunity.

The production has even gotten some press:

Boston Globe, Feminist, Westchester

The Film is now making it's rounds on the festival Circuit.

Stay Tuned - More to come..

Nathan Brammer Powell