Available to Own: Blood Empires

Blood Empires

Associate Producer

Director: Peter Joachim

Starring: Stevie Jay, Kassandra Santos

An unassuming hit man and a revenge obsessed cop struggle to find some normalcy amidst all of the violence. Director Peter Joachim, traveled from India to Canada, to shoot this feature film.

Winner of multiple awards, BLOOD EMPIRES is now available to OWN or RENT across all platforms!

Watch it here now:
iTunes CA- http://bit.ly/2h14IE
iTunes US-http://bit.ly/2h18D
Google Play- http://bit.ly/2gL32f
Sony PlayStation CA-http://bit.ly/2h229e
Amazon VOD- http://bit.ly/2h1RQ

Visit the site at: https://bloodempires.wordpress.com/

Nathan Brammer Powell