Carys’ Trip to Ireland!

I’ve asked all my Senior Models to write a blog post- about anything- to keep you readers entertained! Carys went to Ireland recently and wrote about her trip, and took a ton of pics (good girl!)

“My original thought for this article was to write a review for a concert that I attended earlier this year in April. For some reason, it didn’t even occur to me to write about my breathtaking trip to Ireland rather than an exciting, but standard concert in Chicago, Illinois.

To paint a picture of what I’m looking at as I write this, picture green pastures. I’m not talking about just flat, simple pastures. Miles upon miles of mountainous green land lined with stones built hundreds, even thousands of years ago. A small hill trails down from the top of our quaint old house down to a small pond lined with boggy green ground. In the morning, the clouds are low, creating a sort of misty fog over the top; the whole place seems like something you might see on a postcard.

Being able not only to see this, but hear the sheep bahhing, the birds chirping, feel the damp ground and smell the fresh air is simply mind-blowing. While running one morning, I witnessed a mama feeding her baby calf. Those are the moments where I really have to stop all of the noise in my head and remind myself that there truly is beauty in everything if you take time to stop and pay attention.

One of my main goals for this trip was to try and find some peace of mind after an extremely laborious junior year of high school. I can say with confidence that my goal has been achieved. Besides the frustration of driving out of the country (so many roundabouts!) and the confusing sizes of clothing, this trip has been pure bliss. The greatest thing is, I still have a whole week left here! I would love to write about every beautiful thing I see, but I wouldn’t have enough pages for that.

Though big flashy places like Disney World and NYC are ideal and fun vacations, I think places like Ireland where you can truly get away from all of the “noise” of the world are the ones that really stick in your mind. This trip has really helped me learn to appreciate the beauty of simplicity in life.”

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