April Photo A Day | Weeks 3 & 4

I’m taking a break from the Photo-a-Day Challenge in May- my life has been a little cray lately! Here is the last half of my April Photo A Day:
15. Sunset
16. Flower
17. Something you don’t like Boo taxes!
18. Hair I love little girl ringlets
19. Orange My new PJs from Target!
20. Something you drew You would think being an art major in college, I would have more of my art laying around. This is all I have- from HS!”
21. Bottle We made a little stop at the Rochester Winery!
22. The last thing you bought A fab dinner for our date night
23. Vegetable I’m such a Veg Head!
24. Something you’re grateful for My Chatham Chicks!
25. Looking down Lots of typing
26. Black & white
27. Somewhere you went Visited Momma Bear and Josie!
28. 1pm
29. Circle Sunday= laundry day
30. Something that makes you sad When people are buttheads:(

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